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Welcome to The Binding of Isaac challenge guide. Click on a challenge to learn more.
Hearts (with Amounts)
Pitch Black 1 3 Red Hearts Curse of Darkness, Curse of the Unknown Rune of Hagalaz
High Brow 2 3 Red Hearts Number One, E Coli, Butt Bombs, Flush!, Petrified Poop Rune of Jera
Head Trauma 3 3 Red Hearts Tiny Planet, Soy Milk, The Small Rock, Iron Bar Rune of Ehwaz
Darkness Falls 4 2 Red Hearts Pentagram, Dead Bird, Whore of Babylon, Razor Blade, Sacrificial Dagger, Dark Matter Rune of Dagaz
The Tank 5 4 Red Hearts Infamy, Bucket of Lard, Thunder Thighs, Yum Heart Rune of Ansuz
Solar System 6 3 Red Hearts, Blindfolded Distant Admiration, Forever Alone, Halo of Flies, Transcendence Rune of Perthro
Suicide King 7 3 Red Hearts Ipecac, Mr. Mega, My Reflection, 1 random Pill Suicide King
Cat Got Your Tongue 8 3 Soul Hearts, 3 Black Hearts, Blindfolded Guppy's Hair Ball, Guppy's Head, Guppy's Tail Rune of Algiz
Demo Man 9 3 Red Hearts Dr. Fetus, Remote Detonator, Match Stick Chaos Card
Cursed! 10 4 Red Hearts Blue Map, The Compass, Raw Liver, Treasure Map, Yum Heart , Child's Heart, Curse of the Cursed Credit Card
Glass Cannon 11 1 Red Heart Epic Fetus, Loki's Horns Rules Card
When Life Gives You Lemons 12 3 Red Hearts 9 Volt, Habit, Lemon Mishap, 1 Lemon Party pill Card Against Humanity
Beans! 13 3 Red Hearts, Blindfolded 9 Volt, The Bean, The Black Bean, Butt Bomb, Pyro Burnt Penny
It's in the Cards 14 3 Red Hearts 9 Volt, The Battery, Deck of Cards, Starter Deck, 2 random tarot cards SMB Super Fan
Slow Roll 15 3 Red Hearts Cupid's Arrow, My Reflection, Polyphemus Swallowed Penny
Computer Savvy 16 3 Red Hearts Spoon Bender, Technology, Technology 2 Robo-Baby 2.0
Waka Waka 17 3 Red Hearts Anti-Gravity, Strange Attractor, The Mulligan, Spider Baby, Tick Death's Touch
The Host 18 3 Red Hearts Technology .5
The Family Man 19 3 Red Hearts, Blindfolded BFFS!, Brother Bobby, Dad's Key, Rotten Baby, Sister Maggy Epic Fetus
Purist 20 3 Red Hearts Rune of Berkano
XXXXXXXXL 21 3 Red Hearts Gold Heart
SPEED! 22 3 Red Hearts Get out of Jail Free Card
Blue Bomber 23 3 Soul Hearts, Blindfolded Brother Bobby, Kamikaze!, Pyromaniac, Mr. Mega Gold Bomb
PAY TO PLAY 24 3 Red Hearts Money = Power, Sack of Pennies, 50 coins 2 new pills
Have a Heart 25 1 Red Heart, 11 Empty Hearts Charm of the Vampire 2 new pills
I RULE! 26 3 Red Hearts The Boomerang, Key Piece 1, Key Piece 2, The Ladder, Mom's Knife, Trinity Shield Poker Chip
BRAINS! 27 3 Soul Hearts, Blindfolded 3 Bob's Brain, Thunder Thighs Stud Finder
PRIDE DAY! 28 3 Red Hearts 3 Dollar Bill, Rainbow Baby, Rainbow Worm D8
Onan's Streak 29 1 Red Heart The Book of Belial, Chocolate Milk Kidney Stone
The Guardian 30 3 Red Hearts, Blindfolded Holy Grail, Isaac's Heart, Punching Bag, Spear of Destiny Blank Rune
Backasswards 31 3 Red Hearts 8-10 random items Laz Bleeds More!
Aprils Fool 32 3 Red Hearts Maggy Now Holds a Pill!
Pokey Mans 33 3 Red Hearts Friendly Ball, Mom's Eyeshadow Charged Key
Ultra Hard 34 3 Red Hearts Key Piece 1, Key Piece 2, Curse of the Labyrinth, Curse of the Blind, Curse of the Lost, Curse of the Maze Samson Feels Healthy!
Pong 35 3 Red Hearts Cupid's Arrow, Rubber Cement Greed's Gullet