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Item: Bob's Rotten Head
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Item: Bob's Rotten Head Share
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Description Upon use, Isaac holds a poison bomb which can be thrown towards any of the four cardinal points and explodes on impact.
Quote Reusable ranged bomb
Item ID 42
Icon Bob's Rotten Head
DLC Required

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Item: 482.0 Clicker Transforms Isaac into another random character.
Friendly Ball
Item: 382.0 Friendly Ball Throwing the ball at an enemy instantly kills it and captures it. The captured enemy can later be released and will be charmed until it dies, persisting between floors.
Shoop Da Whoop!
Item: 49.0 Shoop Da Whoop! Fires a laser from Isaac's mouth.
Item: 488.0 Metronome Grants a random item effect for the current room.
Book of Secrets
Item: 287.0 Book of Secrets Upon use, gives the effect of Treasure Map, The Compass, or Blue Map for the duration of the current floor.
The Necronomicon
Item: 35.0 The Necronomicon Damages all enemies in the room significantly.
Teleport 2.0
Item: 419.0 Teleport 2.0 When used, teleports Isaac to a random room that has not been explored yet. If all rooms are explored, including secret rooms, it will teleport Isaac to the Devil or Angel room. If all rooms are explored, including the Devil or Angel room, it will teleport Isaac to the I AM ERROR room. If used in a room with enemies, it will teleport Isaac out and back into the exact same room.
Mom's Box
Item: 439.0 Mom's Box When used, Mom's Box will drop a random trinket on the ground. While held, increases luck by 1 and doubles the effects of trinkets.
Book of Revelations
Item: 78.0 Book of Revelations Adds 1 soul heart, increases the chance for a Devilor Angel Room to appear, and increases the chance for the next boss to be a Horseman (except on XL floors and floors with fixed bosses such as Mom).
Portable Slot
Item: 177.0 Portable Slot Upon activation, 1 coin will be consumed, and a random pickup may drop, similar to the slot machine.

Additional Items

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Mega Bean
Item: 351.0 Mega Bean When used, the Mega Bean will freeze all enemies in the current room for a couple of seconds, deal 5 damage and poison any enemies near Isaac, and send a wave of spikes that deals 10 damage across the room in the direction Isaac is facing.
Box of Spiders
Item: 288.0 Box of Spiders Summons 2-4 blue spiders.
Wait What?
Item: 484.0 Wait What? Isaac farts, sending out rock waves.
Crooked Penny
Item: 485.0 Crooked Penny Spawns a penny and has a 50% chance to double all items and pickups in the room. If the effect fails, the items and pickups disappear.
Item: 348.0 Placebo When used, copies the effect of the pill Isaac is currently holding without consuming it. Does not copy the effects of cards or runes.
IV Bag
Item: 135.0 IV Bag Upon activation, Isaac loses a half-heart (one whole heart in The Womb onwards) for a random amount of coins, similar to the blood donation machine.
Tammy's Head
Item: 38.0 Tammy's Head Shoots 10 tears in a circle around Isaac, which retain the damage, shot speed, and special effects (such as poison) of Isaac's tears.
Moving Box
Item: 523.0 Moving Box If the box is empty, picks up all items and pickups in a room and stores them. If the box is not empty, places all stored items and pickups in the current room.
The Nail
Item: 83.0 The Nail Adds one soul heart and allows the breaking of rocksand damaging enemies by simply walking over them. Increases damage and decreases speed. All effects except for the Soul Heart wear off upon leaving the room.
Remote Detonator
Item: 137.0 Remote Detonator Bombs you place explode only when you use this item. Gives 5 bombs.

Other Items

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Mom's Bottle of Pills
Item: 102.0 Mom's Bottle of Pills Gives Isaac a random pill, and will cause him to drop any held Q-slot item (If any). The player will only receive six different pill types in one playthrough.
The Bible
Item: 33.0 The Bible Upon activation, Isaac gains flight, allowing him to pass over all obstacles in the current room. Instantly kills Mom, Mom's Heart, and It Lives when activated, but will kill Isaac when activated while fighting Satan.
Item: 324.0 Undefined Teleports Isaac to either the Secret Room, Super Secret Room, Treasure Room, or I AM ERROR.
Doctor's Remote
Item: 47.0 Doctor's Remote Sets a big red target on the ground (similar to the Epic Fetus item) which can be controlled with tear controls. After 6 seconds or by pressing space again, a huge explosive missile hits it, which damages all enemies caught in its blast radius.
Item: 476.0 D1 Duplicates a random pickup in the room.
Sacrificial Altar
Item: 536.0 Sacrificial Altar Upon use, sacrifices up to 2 familiars and spawns an item from the Devil Room Pool for each familiar sacrificed.
Magic Fingers
Item: 295.0 Magic Fingers For 1 coin, damages all enemies in the room.
The Book of Belial
Item: 34.0 The Book of Belial Upon use increases damage by 2 for the current room and by a further +50% if the character also has the Blood of the Martyr.
Deck of Cards
Item: 85.0 Deck of Cards Gives Isaac a random Tarot Card.
The Book of Sin
Item: 97.0 The Book of Sin Spawns a random pickup, pill, card, or trinket.

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Similar Items to Item: Bob's Rotten Head

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Lil Spewer
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Die to your own explosion from Ipecac, Bob's Rotten Head, or Horf! pill 384
Rotten Penny
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Have 20 blue flies at the same time 388
Bob's Brain
Item: 273.0 Bob's Brain Spawns a familiar that charges forward when shooting tears and explodes upon contact with an enemy, damaging and poisoning them. The familiar respawns after a few seconds.
The Parasite
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Pick up any 2 of the following items in a single run: Bob's Rotten Head, Dead Cat, Cricket's Head, Tammy's Head 31
Item: 125.0 Bobby-Bomb Gives Isaac 5 Bombs, and causes all dropped bombs to home towards the closest enemy.
Bob's Rotten Head
Item: 42.0 Bob's Rotten Head Upon use, Isaac holds a poison bomb which can be thrown towards any of the four cardinal points and explodes on impact.
Rotten Baby
Item: 268.0 Rotten Baby A familiar that spawns blue flies.
Sad Bombs
Item: 220.0 Sad Bombs +5 Bombs. Upon exploding, bombs shoot 8 tears off in every direction, similar to Tammy's Head. The tears are affected by any tear modifiers Isaac has on his own tears.
Bob's Curse
Item: 140.0 Bob's Curse Gives 5 bombs and grants all bombs poison effect.
Rotten Meat
Item: 26.0 Rotten Meat Adds one heart container.