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Item: Bob's Rotten Head
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Description Upon use, Isaac holds a poison bomb which can be thrown towards any of the four cardinal points and explodes on impact.
Quote Reusable ranged bomb
Item ID 42
Icon Bob's Rotten Head
DLC Required

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Dull Razor
Item: 486.0 Dull Razor Hurts Isaac without depleting health, activating any items that trigger upon taking damage.
The Bean
Item: 111.0 The Bean Isaac releases bad gas, poisoning any enemy in close vicinity.
Book of Secrets
Item: 287.0 Book of Secrets Upon use, gives the effect of Treasure Map, The Compass, or Blue Map for the duration of the current floor.
Item: 477.0 Void Consumes all pedestal items in the room. Active items will have their effects added to Void, and passive items will grant stat upgrades.
Forget Me Now
Item: 127.0 Forget Me Now When activated, the level ends and is freshly regenerated with new rooms, monsters, and items. Disappears after use.
Dead Sea Scrolls
Item: 124.0 Dead Sea Scrolls Triggers the effect of a random activated item from a list of possible options (not every activated item is included).
Item: 480.0 Compost Spawns a blue spider or fly. Turns pickups in the room into blue spiders or flies.
Head of Krampus
Item: 293.0 Head of Krampus Fires a cross-patterned brimstone shot, just like The Fallen and Krampus shoot.
Tammy's Head
Item: 38.0 Tammy's Head Shoots 10 tears in a circle around Isaac, which retain the damage, shot speed, and special effects (such as poison) of Isaac's tears.
The Necronomicon
Item: 35.0 The Necronomicon Damages all enemies in the room significantly.

Additional Items

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Spider Butt
Item: 171.0 Spider Butt Damages all enemies in the room and slows them and their projectiles down.
The Boomerang
Item: 338.0 The Boomerang Throws a short-range boomerang which does a bit of damage and has a high chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds. Can also be used to grab pickups.
Broken Shovel
Item: 550.0 Broken Shovel While held, causes multiple Mom's Foots to come down and stomp on Isaac. One of two parts necessary to create Mom's Shovel.
Butter Bean
Item: 294.0 Butter Bean Isaac farts and pushes back nearby enemies.
Blood Rights
Item: 186.0 Blood Rights Damages all enemies in the room, but deals a heart of damage to Isaac with each use.
Moving Box
Item: 523.0 Moving Box If the box is empty, picks up all items and pickups in a room and stores them. If the box is not empty, places all stored items and pickups in the current room.
Telepathy for Dummies
Item: 192.0 Telepathy for Dummies Upon activation, grants homing tears for the current room.
Isaac's Tears
Item: 323.0 Isaac's Tears Shoots 8 tears around Isaac, which retain the damage, shot speed, and special effects of his tears. Each tear shot by Isaac increases item charge by one.
My Little Unicorn
Item: 77.0 My Little Unicorn Upon use, grants invulnerability and increased speed for five seconds, removing the ability to shoot tears and replacing it with the ability to deal contact damage to enemies.
Mom's Bra
Item: 39.0 Mom's Bra Upon use, petrifies all enemies in the current room for approximately 4 seconds.

Additional Items

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Item: 166.0 D20 Rerolls all pickups in the current room.
Dad's Key
Item: 175.0 Dad's Key Opens all doors in the current room when activated, including doors which require a key to open and entrances to secret rooms. Opens the big doors in the first room of both The Chest and the Dark Room.
Crack the Sky
Item: 160.0 Crack the Sky Summons multiple beams of light in random locations around the room, dealing a large amount of damage to any enemy that touches them.
Item: 324.0 Undefined Teleports Isaac to either the Secret Room, Super Secret Room, Treasure Room, or I AM ERROR.
Item: 291.0 Flush! Changes all enemies in the room into poop. Does not work on all enemies (Knights and bosses are immune). Instantly kills Dingle, Dangle, and Brownie.
Remote Detonator
Item: 137.0 Remote Detonator Bombs you place explode only when you use this item. Gives 5 bombs.
Teleport 2.0
Item: 419.0 Teleport 2.0 When used, teleports Isaac to a random room that has not been explored yet. If all rooms are explored, including secret rooms, it will teleport Isaac to the Devil or Angel room. If all rooms are explored, including the Devil or Angel room, it will teleport Isaac to the I AM ERROR room. If used in a room with enemies, it will teleport Isaac out and back into the exact same room.
Item: 516.0 Sprinkler Upon use, spawns a sprinkler that rotates and fires tears.
The Book of Sin
Item: 97.0 The Book of Sin Spawns a random pickup, pill, card, or trinket.
Item: 325.0 Scissors Upon use, turns Isaac's head into a stationary familiar for the current room which fires normal tears that deal 3.5 damage.

All of Binding of Isaac Wiki

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Bound Baby
Achievement: Unlocked a new co-player baby. Defeat Mega Satan as The Forgotten 403
Dark Boy
Achievement: Beat depths without taking damage. Beat chapter 3 without taking damage 39
Something wicked this way comes!
Achievement: Unlocked new bosses! Defeat ??? as 3 different characters 346
Buddy in a Box
Item: 518.0 Buddy in a Box Grants a familiar with a random tear effect. The familiar is randomized at the start of each floor.
Angry Fly
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Become Beelzebub 352
PS4 343
Mr. ME!
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Open 20 locked chests 371
PS4 362
7 Seals
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Defeat all 5 Harbingers 372
PS4 363
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Beat chapter 1 without taking damage 351
PS4 342
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Participate in 31 Daily Challenges (they don't have to be consecutive; it will still count if you die in the first room) 325
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Defeat Hush as Magdalene 180

Similar Items to Item: Bob's Rotten Head

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Bob's Rotten Head
Item: 42.0 Bob's Rotten Head Upon use, Isaac holds a poison bomb which can be thrown towards any of the four cardinal points and explodes on impact.
Bob's Brain
Item: 273.0 Bob's Brain Spawns a familiar that charges forward when shooting tears and explodes upon contact with an enemy, damaging and poisoning them. The familiar respawns after a few seconds.
Rotten Meat
Item: 26.0 Rotten Meat Adds one heart container.
Item: 125.0 Bobby-Bomb Gives Isaac 5 Bombs, and causes all dropped bombs to home towards the closest enemy.
Rotten Baby
Item: 268.0 Rotten Baby A familiar that spawns blue flies.
Bob's Curse
Item: 140.0 Bob's Curse Gives 5 bombs and grants all bombs poison effect.
Sad Bombs
Item: 220.0 Sad Bombs +5 Bombs. Upon exploding, bombs shoot 8 tears off in every direction, similar to Tammy's Head. The tears are affected by any tear modifiers Isaac has on his own tears.
Rotten Penny
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Have 20 blue flies at the same time 388
Lil Spewer
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Die to your own explosion from Ipecac, Bob's Rotten Head, or Horf! pill 384
The Parasite
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Pick up any 2 of the following items in a single run: Bob's Rotten Head, Dead Cat, Cricket's Head, Tammy's Head 31