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Item: Obsessed Fan
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Item: Obsessed Fan Share
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Description A purple fly familiar that follows Isaac's movements on a 3 second delay and deals contact damage to enemies.
Quote Follows my every move...
Item ID 426
Icon Obsessed Fan
DLC Required

Additional Items

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Toxic Shock
Item: 350.0 Toxic Shock Upon entering a room, poisons all enemies, dealing double Isaac's tear damage. Killing enemies leaves a small, short lasting pool of green creep on the ground.
Isaac's Heart
Item: 276.0 Isaac's Heart Isaac himself is now immune to all damage, and a heart familiar appears and follows Isaac. If the heart is hurt, Isaac is hurt.
Item: 51.0 Pentagram Increases damage and increases the chance for a Devil or Angel Room to appear.
My Reflection
Item: 5.0 My Reflection Gives Isaac's tears a boomerang effect, and increases range and shot speed.
A Snack
Item: 346.0 A Snack Grants one full red heart container.
Item: 223.0 Pyromaniac Isaac heals 1 heart instead of taking damage from an explosive source. Adds 5 bombs.
E Coli
Item: 236.0 E Coli Gives "Turdy Touch" Effect. Enemies that touch Isaac are changed into poop.
Item: 531.0 Haemolacria Tears are now fired in an arc. Upon hitting the floor, an obstacle, or an enemy, they burst into many smaller tears in all directions. Increases tear delay.
Item: 401.0 Explosivo Isaac's tears have a chance to stick to enemies and explode.
Dead Tooth
Item: 446.0 Dead Tooth While firing, Isaac gains a green aura that poisons nearby enemies.

Additional Items

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Tractor Beam
Item: 397.0 Tractor Beam Isaac emits a beam from his face. Isaac's tears travel in the path of the beam.
Item: 385.0 Bumbo Spawns a beggar familiar which floats around the room and picks up any nearby coins, leveling up after collecting several coins. At level 2, Bumbo gains a body. At level 3, it begins to fire tears. At level 4, Bumbo chases enemies slowly, dealing contact damage.
Magic Mushroom
Item: 12.0 Magic Mushroom Increases all stats and enlargens Isaac.
Item: 15.0 <3 Grants Isaac one red heart container and fully restores Isaac's health.
Item: 307.0 Capricorn All stats up.
Key Piece 2
Item: 239.0 Key Piece 2 Combined with Key Piece 1, unlocks the golden gate in the starting room of The Chest and Dark Room to fight Mega Satan.
Brittle Bones
Item: 549.0 Brittle Bones Replaces all red hearts with 6 empty bone hearts. Upon losing a bone heart, Isaac fires bones in 8 directions and permanently gains a tears up.
Item: 19.0 Boom! Grants 10 bombs.
The Sad Onion
Item: 1.0 The Sad Onion Increases Tears by 0.7.
Odd Mushroom
Item: 120.0 Odd Mushroom +1.7 tears, +0.3 speed, reduces damage.

Additional Items

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Key Bum
Item: 388.0 Key Bum Spawns a portable key master that follows Isaac and collects keys, giving random chests in return.
Crack Jacks
Item: 354.0 Crack Jacks Adds one heart container and drops a random trinket.
Item: 408.0 Athame Whenever Isaac takes damage, a black ring briefly appears around Isaac, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
Item: 53.0 Magneto Pulls pickups towards Isaac.
Key Piece 1
Item: 238.0 Key Piece 1 Combined with Key Piece 2, unlocks the golden gate in the starting room of The Chest and Dark Room to fight Mega Satan.
Item: 196.0 Squeezy Increases tears by 0.4, and spawns 2 Soul Hearts pickups.
Guppy's Hair Ball
Item: 187.0 Guppy's Hair Ball Loosely follows behind Isaac. Can be swung like a flail by rapidly spinning Isaac in a circle. Grows bigger by killing enemies.
Lead Pencil
Item: 444.0 Lead Pencil After every 15 tears fired, Isaac will fire a high-damage cluster of tears.
Mom's Pearls
Item: 355.0 Mom's Pearls +1.25 Range Up. +0.5 Tear Height. +1 Luck Up.
Item: 244.0 Tech.5 Grants a unlimited range piercing laser with random rate of fire that does not replace tears. The laser might occasionally fire with the effect of a random item or trinket, such as Hook Worm, Spoon Bender or Tiny Planet.

All of Binding of Isaac Wiki

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Bound Baby
Achievement: Unlocked a new co-player baby. Defeat Mega Satan as The Forgotten 403
Dark Boy
Achievement: Beat depths without taking damage. Beat chapter 3 without taking damage 39
Something wicked this way comes!
Achievement: Unlocked new bosses! Defeat ??? as 3 different characters 346
Buddy in a Box
Item: 518.0 Buddy in a Box Grants a familiar with a random tear effect. The familiar is randomized at the start of each floor.
Angry Fly
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Become Beelzebub 352
PS4 343
Mr. ME!
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Open 20 locked chests 371
PS4 362
7 Seals
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Defeat all 5 Harbingers 372
PS4 363
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Beat chapter 1 without taking damage 351
PS4 342
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Participate in 31 Daily Challenges (they don't have to be consecutive; it will still count if you die in the first room) 325
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Defeat Hush as Magdalene 180

Similar Items to Item: Obsessed Fan

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The Boomerang
Item: 338.0 The Boomerang Throws a short-range boomerang which does a bit of damage and has a high chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds. Can also be used to grab pickups.
Obsessed Fan
Item: 426.0 Obsessed Fan A purple fly familiar that follows Isaac's movements on a 3 second delay and deals contact damage to enemies.
Ventricle Razor
Item: 396.0 Ventricle Razor Can be used to place an orange portal and a blue portal. Upon entering a portal, Isaac is teleported to the other portal.
Big Fan
Item: 279.0 Big Fan Spawns a large orbital familiar that blocks enemy projectiles and deals slight contact damage to enemies.
SMB Super Fan
Item: 189.0 SMB Super Fan Increases all stats.
Friendly Ball
Item: 382.0 Friendly Ball Throwing the ball at an enemy instantly kills it and captures it. The captured enemy can later be released and will be charmed until it dies, persisting between floors.
Sad Bombs
Item: 220.0 Sad Bombs +5 Bombs. Upon exploding, bombs shoot 8 tears off in every direction, similar to Tammy's Head. The tears are affected by any tear modifiers Isaac has on his own tears.
Item: 513.0 Bozo Increases damage by a flat 0.1 and grants a soul heart. Enemies can randomly become briefly charmed or feared. Taking damage has a chance to spawn a rainbow poop.
Empty Vessel
Item: 409.0 Empty Vessel While Isaac has no red hearts, this item grants flight and a random chance to activate an invincibility shield for a few seconds. If Isaac gains any red hearts, these benefits will disappear.
Mega Bean
Item: 351.0 Mega Bean When used, the Mega Bean will freeze all enemies in the current room for a couple of seconds, deal 5 damage and poison any enemies near Isaac, and send a wave of spikes that deals 10 damage across the room in the direction Isaac is facing.