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One time use Items

Welcome to The Binding of Isaac item guide. Click on an item to learn more.
Item ID
Diplopia 347 Diplopia Duplicates all pickups and item pedestals in the room.
Eden's Soul 490 Eden's Soul Spawns two item pedestals.
Mama Mega! 483 Mama Mega! Damages all enemies and destroys all obstacles. The effect occurs every time a new room is entered for the rest of the floor. Opens doors to the floor's secret and super secret rooms.
Mystery Gift 515 Mystery Gift Upon use, spawns a random item from the current room's item pool, with a chance to spawn A Lump of Coal or The Poop instead.
Plan C 475 Plan C Kills all enemies in the room, then kills Isaac three seconds later.
Sacrificial Altar 536 Sacrificial Altar Upon use, sacrifices up to 2 familiars and spawns an item from the Devil Room Pool for each familiar sacrificed.
Forget Me Now 127 Forget Me Now When activated, the level ends and is freshly regenerated with new rooms, monsters, and items. Disappears after use.
Pandora's Box 297 Pandora's Box Upon use, spawns certain pickups or itemsdepending on the floor it is used on. Single-use.