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Item: Sprinkler
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Description Upon use, spawns a sprinkler that rotates and fires tears.
Quote Sprinkles.
Item ID 516
Icon Sprinkler
DLC Required

Other Items

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Book of the Dead
Item: 545.0 Book of the Dead Upon use, spawns a charmed Bony or an orbital bone for each enemy killed in the current room.
Item: 283.0 D100 Upon use, rerolls all passive items on Isaac like the D4, every pedestal item in the room like The D6, and every pickup like the D20.
Item: 44.0 Teleport Teleports you to a random room on the level.
Item: 437.0 D7 Restarts the current room and brings back all enemies, allowing more rewards to be acquired by completing the room.
Mystery Gift
Item: 515.0 Mystery Gift Upon use, spawns a random item from the current room's item pool, with a chance to spawn A Lump of Coal or The Poop instead.
Dead Sea Scrolls
Item: 124.0 Dead Sea Scrolls Triggers the effect of a random activated item from a list of possible options (not every activated item is included).
Guppy's Paw
Item: 133.0 Guppy's Paw Removes one red heart container in exchange for gaining 3 Soul Hearts.
Portable Slot
Item: 177.0 Portable Slot Upon activation, 1 coin will be consumed, and a random pickup may drop, similar to the slot machine.
Item: 522.0 Telekinesis Upon use, for the next two seconds, any enemy shots that come near Isaac are held in place. After the charge is depleted, they are fired back as tears.
D Infinity
Item: 489.0 D Infinity Grants a random dice item that changes each use.

Other Items

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The Candle
Item: 164.0 The Candle Throws out a blue flame that can pass over gaps (but not through rocks). The flame damages anything in its path.
Item: 406.0 D8 Re-rolls Isaac's speed, range, tears, and damage.
Monster Manual
Item: 123.0 Monster Manual Summons a random familiar for the current room. Can summon familiars not yet unlocked.
Moving Box
Item: 523.0 Moving Box If the box is empty, picks up all items and pickups in a room and stores them. If the box is not empty, places all stored items and pickups in the current room.
Sacrificial Altar
Item: 536.0 Sacrificial Altar Upon use, sacrifices up to 2 familiars and spawns an item from the Devil Room Pool for each familiar sacrificed.
Yum Heart
Item: 45.0 Yum Heart Restores 1 whole red heart.
Anarchist Cookbook
Item: 65.0 Anarchist Cookbook Spawns six troll bombs around the room.
Kidney Bean
Item: 421.0 Kidney Bean Upon use, Isaac farts, charming all nearby enemies.
Notched Axe
Item: 147.0 Notched Axe Isaac holds the axe above his head for as long as the spacebar button is held (or until he leaves the room). While holding the axe, Isaac can break any rock he touches, but cannot attack or pick up other items.
The Hourglass
Item: 66.0 The Hourglass Upon activation, enemies and their projectiles are slowed down for a short duration.

Other Items

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Razor Blade
Item: 126.0 Razor Blade Upon use, deals one heart of damage to Isaac and grants +1.2 damage for the current room.
Eden's Soul
Item: 490.0 Eden's Soul Spawns two item pedestals.
Ventricle Razor
Item: 396.0 Ventricle Razor Can be used to place an orange portal and a blue portal. Upon entering a portal, Isaac is teleported to the other portal.
Mr. Boom
Item: 37.0 Mr. Boom Drops a large bomb.
A Pony
Item: 130.0 A Pony Passively grants flight and increased speed. Upon use, Isaac charges in the direction the pony is facing, becoming invulnerable during the charge and damaging enemies.
Item: 521.0 Coupon Upon use, makes a random item from a shop, devil deal, or black market free.
Dull Razor
Item: 486.0 Dull Razor Hurts Isaac without depleting health, activating any items that trigger upon taking damage.
Mega Bean
Item: 351.0 Mega Bean When used, the Mega Bean will freeze all enemies in the current room for a couple of seconds, deal 5 damage and poison any enemies near Isaac, and send a wave of spikes that deals 10 damage across the room in the direction Isaac is facing.
The Pinking Shears
Item: 107.0 The Pinking Shears Separates Isaac's head and body for the current room. Isaac's head, which now has flight, will be under the player's control, while his body will seek out enemies to attack by contact damage.
The Boomerang
Item: 338.0 The Boomerang Throws a short-range boomerang which does a bit of damage and has a high chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds. Can also be used to grab pickups.

All of Binding of Isaac Wiki

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Bound Baby
Achievement: Unlocked a new co-player baby. Defeat Mega Satan as The Forgotten 403
Dark Boy
Achievement: Beat depths without taking damage. Beat chapter 3 without taking damage 39
Something wicked this way comes!
Achievement: Unlocked new bosses! Defeat ??? as 3 different characters 346
Buddy in a Box
Item: 518.0 Buddy in a Box Grants a familiar with a random tear effect. The familiar is randomized at the start of each floor.
Angry Fly
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Become Beelzebub 352
PS4 343
Mr. ME!
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Open 20 locked chests 371
PS4 362
7 Seals
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Defeat all 5 Harbingers 372
PS4 363
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Beat chapter 1 without taking damage 351
PS4 342
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Participate in 31 Daily Challenges (they don't have to be consecutive; it will still count if you die in the first room) 325
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Defeat Hush as Magdalene 180

Similar Items to Item: Sprinkler

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Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Collect 10 "tears up" items or pills in one run 378
Mom's Contact
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Obtain three Mom items in one run 35
Item: 516.0 Sprinkler Upon use, spawns a sprinkler that rotates and fires tears.
U Broke It!
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Obtain 50 items on a run (e.g., via two Steam Sales and Restock - Duplicate passives/familiars count towards the total, e.g., multiple Breakfasts) 330
It's the Key
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Defeat The Lamb without taking hearts, coins, and bombs through an entire run 327
Technology Zero
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Pick up two technology items in one run 369
PS4 360
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Beat chapter 1 without taking damage 351
PS4 342
Stem Cell
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Defeat Ultra Greedier as Samson 301
Achievement: Unlocked a new item. Take 25 items from Angel rooms 380
It's in the Cards
Challenge: Isaac Mom 14.0 Isaac 3 Red Hearts